Pastor Lara Adesanya @ Sunday first service

Pastor Lara Adesanya has urged believers never to be discouraged in the journey of life, no matter how difficult it seems. According to the clergy, life is a journey, and though there may be different routes and designated companions at each stage of the journey, the journey is a temporal one. She said this while ministering to the congregation at the April 24 Sunday first service.

Referencing Deuteronomy 31:6, Pastor Adesanya noted that sometimes the journey may be arduous with no end in sight, adding that believers may sometimes even miss their ways, but one thing they should never forget is that God is the one that goes through the journey with them and that they should be re-routed back to the right track once they discover they’ve missed their way.

The woman of God went ahead to highlight the different categories of companions one would have on their life’s journey. These companions are: parents, spouses, siblings, friends, workers, and co-workers, stating that while some were chosen by free will, others were imposed. She then noted that irrespective of who these companions are and how well-meaning they may be, they are not infallible and may mar or facilitate one’s life’s journey. She then emphasised the fact that the only companion on one’s life’s journey that can never fail is the person of the Holy Spirit. In her words, “How much of the Holy Spirit we carry determines how well nurtured we will be on this journey of life.”

She further admonished her listeners to embrace their uniqueness in life and focus on their individual journeys rather than comparing themselves with others. Additionally, she advised them not to give up despite any difficulties they encounter because there will always be one.She gave the example of the story of Joseph, whose life journey was characterised by different temptations and challenges, but he remained focused and eventually became the deliverer of his entire family.

Drawing reference from the story of Daniel and the three Hebrew boys, the woman of God noted that the decisions taken in the course of life’s journey can either make or mar the outcome. Hence, believers need the help of the Holy Spirit to always make the right decisions in life.

She concluded by stating that what determines the success of the believer’s journey is the help of the Holy Spirit and alignment with the word of God. She enjoined the congregants to build a relationship with God and constantly commune with the Holy Spirit if they were to succeed in the journey of life.





Pastor Akin Osinbajo @ Sunday second service

Pastor Akin Osinbajo quoted extensively from 1 Samuel 16:1–13 while ministering during the second service of the April 23 Sunday service to say that God doesn’t work according to human order but according to His divine agenda. Referencing the status of David, who was the last born among the eight children of Jesse, he declared that God breaks order to achieve His counsel.

Reading from Psalm 78:65–71, the minister reechoed David’s supernatural lifting by God beyond the scope of his qualification. Following that Scripture, he made prophetic declarations to the congregation to the extent that God would deal with all enemies while breaking protocols towards establishing His purposes. He exhorted that there would always be enemies to be confronted. However, assurance is found in Psalm 23, where God declares His capacity to do His will, the enemy notwithstanding!

Pastor Osinbajo declared that it is quite important to have the right heart (purity) to have access to the prepared place. According to him, the love of God and constant fellowship with the Holy Spirit are the ways to ensure that the heart is right. He declared that ‘’you must love God and be conversant with Him like the person you are in love with”.

He explained that diligence in worship, consistency in prayer, and total obedience to the Word of God are critical to walking in the fullness of the provisions available to every believer. He admonished that decency, cleanliness, kindness, generosity, and character are critical to attaining the lofty heights ordained by God for His children.

Quoting Exodus 23:20–22, he espoused that the angel at that time was representative of the Holy Spirit in our lives today. Pastor Osinbanjo admonished his listeners to be conscious of the Holy Spirit’s power and capability to arrive at desired destinations. He advised that each believer must be conscious of His presence, be dependent on Him, and not grieve or be disobedient to Him to arrive at the prepared place.

While bringing his message to a close, he read from Daniel 10:12, citing the example of Daniel, who demonstrated absolute faith in God even when the situation was hopeless. Additionally, he brought to the remembrance of the Congregation the trial of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in Daniel 3:5–6 and 3:19–25 in their Babylonian days.

He admonished that it is very important to remain focused on God and not waver in faith toward Him. He declared that it should be established that it is never over for anyone who trusts absolutely in God.




Pastor Tosin Sowemimo @Thursday Showers, April 20, 2023

The best way to describe the Thursday Showers of April 20, 2023, apart from the testimonies that prove God’s awesomeness in the lives of God’s people, is simply unusual. The service was a blend of intentional, God-led tongue-speaking, spirit-filled supplications, and soul-lifting praises with undiluted worship. The minister, Pastor Oluwatosin Sowemimo, was God’s servant for the service.

In her words, “Our God is a God that always goes ahead of us. Nothing catches Him by surprise. Nothing.”

While talking about our praise and worship, Pastor Sowemimo reminded her listeners to always praise God, regardless of the situation. In emphasis, she said, “For the good things—answers to prayers, surprises, and expectations exceeded—it’s easy to praise God for most people. But there are times when praise is not easy or convenient; that is when it’s called the sacrifice of praise. We should always give God praise in all situations.”

Speaking on the theme for the year—Our Year of the Holy Spirit—she noted that it’s not an ordinary year. In her words, “It’s the year of help, it’s the year of strength; it’s the year of comfort; it’s the year of guidance; and it’s the year that will be tough like never before. It’s also the year we will never be stranded because our standby is right there—the Holy Spirit”. She admonished that this is a new phase with the Holy Spirit, and believers in Christ must engage Him like never before.

She thereafter led the worshippers in sessions of prayer.