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Wedding Requirements

20-11-2012 Hits:4005 Special Info Super User

For you to get married in the Fountain of Life Church, you will have to meet the following requirements: Completion of the Believers' Classes. Active membership of a department in church. This...

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This Week (April 13th -19th, 2014)

14-04-2014 Hits:26 Weekly Prayer Points Content Manager I - avatar Content Manager I

1) Mark 4:39 Let us pray for Nigeria; come against natural disasters, destructive storms and wind, fire outbreaks etc. Decree the peace of God over our country.   2) Isaiah 37:7,33-35 Let us pray that...

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This Week (April 6th- 12th, 2014)

06-04-2014 Hits:56 Weekly Prayer Points Content Manager I - avatar Content Manager I

 1) Isaiah 43:18-19Let us pray for our educational system. Ask for wisdom and divine enablement for the policy makers and everyone in a position of authority in that sector to...

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This Week (March/April 30th - 5th, 2014)

31-03-2014 Hits:76 Weekly Prayer Points Content Manager I - avatar Content Manager I

1) Psalm 133:1-3; Ephesians 4:1-5 Let us pray for Nigeria; ask for unity and singleness of purpose for the delegates at the national conference. Also pray that God will guide their...

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April 13th - 19th, 2014

14-04-2014 Hits:51 Weekly News Content Manager I

“GRACE FOR INCREASE” Pastor Taiwo @Thursday Showers God’s covenant with His children is that of increase. Irrespective of the deceit of the devil, the truth is that God is interested in the...

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TFOLC Ministries - A quick glance

Business Fellowship
A fellowship teaching business principles God's way. Read More
Grace Springs Homes
The Grace Springs Rehabilitation Home (GSRH), a place where we build a home an Read More
Grace Springs Medical Centre
Our mission is to demonstrate the love of Jesus, through the provision of qualit Read More
Career Development Agency
This ministry was setup to bridge the gap between employers of labour and job ap Read More
The vision of the Missions department is to reach the unreached and unreachable Read More
Educational Support Project
The Project arose from a vision given to Pastor Taiwo to reach out and affect th Read More