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God Saved Me From What Would Have Been a Fatal Accident


God Saved Me From What Would Have Been a Fatal Accident 

I want to thank the Lord for saving my daughter and me from what would have been a fatal accident. Pastor Jimmy said at the last Thursday Showers that we should leave the control of our lives to the Good Shepherd. He spoke on how we do not have control over anything in life, including how other road users use it, and how one event can change the trajectory of one’s life. On that same day, these pieces of wisdom from Pastor Jimmy were demonstrated to me in life by the Lord. After the service, I drove with my daughter to Victoria Island on a lunch date with an old family friend. When we were leaving the Island, we got on the Falomo bridge from Akin Adeshola Street and hit a traffic light immediately, and I had to stop. I usually keep an eye on vehicles around me, so I glanced at my rear-view mirror out of habit. To my horror, I noticed a heavy garbage truck and three cars behind us thundering towards our line of cars. I could see that it was moving too fast to stop towards the last car in the queue. I was praying and calling on Jesus. It happened so fast, and there was no way I could move out of the lines of cars as I was quite close to the car in front of me. The truck driver tried to swerve, but he ran into the last car in line, which then hit the car in front of it. That was the car directly behind us. To the glory of God, the multiple hits stopped just before my car, and that is how we escaped unhurt. In addition, no one was hurt in the cars that got hit, though the cars were badly damaged. I still shudder when I think of how, if God had not intervened, one event would have changed the trajectory of my life. Indeed, God is in control and is the keeper of our soul.

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