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Words of encouragement from Pastor Nomthi @ Sunday Service 11-06-2017

Words of encouragement from Pastor Nomthi @ Sunday Service
Taking the promise for the week from Ruth 2:12, Pastor Nomthi Odukoya reminded the church at the June 11 Sunday service that every child of God will be rewarded in full by their heavenly Father, as long as they remain faithful in their calling. Ruth, she said, was not expecting a reward for working on Boaz’s field but because of her faithfulness God rewarded her beyond her expectation.
She further noted that though some people who work for their earthly employers are poorly paid or not paid at all, those who trust in Jesus will not be disappointed as His reward for their services in His vineyard will be much better than what they get from their secular jobs. “When you serve in a department in church, you may not get anything tangible, but because you are doing it for God, He will pay you much more than you can imagine. This is a seed and your seed will never get lost,” she said.
Our faithful service, she said, has come to the ‘mouth’ of our full reward. “Don’t look where you sowed so that you don’t feel cheated. Your reward can come from anywhere – after all, you have cast your bread upon many waters. The reward will only come from the Lord, not man,” she added.


Words of encouragement from Pastor Nomthi @ Thursday Showers
In her short exaltation to the church at the June 8 Thursday Showers service, Pastor Nomthi Odukoya, reading from the book of St. Luke 16:10-12, shared some insightful thoughts on faithfulness in little things and being consistent in all endeavours, including our tithes and offering. She added that if we find it difficult to give when we have N10,000, it will even be more difficult to give when we have N1,000,000. “In whatever we do, we need to be faithful, consistent and never give up because God rewards our faithfulness. Thank God for the little things, they lead to BIG promotions,” she said.
She encouraged all never to be dishonest with what was committed to them by others even if the owners are not appreciative. “If you are not taking proper care of what is not yours owing to the fact that you are not being paid well for it, would you be able to take care of it if it is yours? Remember that whatever you sow is what you reap,” she stated.
She admonished the church to thank God for the little they have and use it to bless others. “Give from the little you have; give of your time, your love, your friendship to people,” she enjoined.