Just as sheep look peaceful whenever they are grazing because of the confidence that the shepherd is around, believers always enjoy the abundance of God’s peace and blessings because their Shepherd, God, is always with them. Pastor Nomthi said this at the March 24 Sunday service while admonishing the congregation from Psalm 23:1-2 which is the promise for the week. “The Lord is your Shepherd who makes you to lie in a place of abundance, a place where there is no lack,” she said.

According to her, whatever God’s children need to live and fulfil their purpose cannot be denied them because of their consciousness and understanding of who their Shepherd is. In her words, “It doesn’t matter the situation you find yourself in, you will graze peacefully because the Shepherd is with you and will not abandon you. You will not lack anything you need because the Lord is your Shepherd.”


Speaking from Psalm 18:1-3, Pastor Nomthi at the March 21 Thursday Showers service said that believers who understand who God is to them and always stay in the Word will be protected from the dart of the enemy when it is thrown at them. “The enemy always throws darts to people but when you stay in His presence, you are safe. Never come out of the Word, always stay in the Word,” she enjoined.

According to her, God is a rock, fortress, deliverer, strength and the horn of salvation to those who trust and abide in Him. Such believers, she said, always run to Him whenever they are faced with challenges. “It is so good when you know who God is to you because it gives you the confidence to always run to Him whenever there’s anything or anyone chasing you,” she said.

She then urged them to be conscious of their God who is their protection. “Be confident of the wall that is surrounding you. He neither sleeps nor slumbers. He keeps you and anoints you with fresh oil daily,” she stated.