There is no more delay when the Lord is with you. And no matter how fierce the battle is, you will not lose. These were the words of Pastor Nomthi while encouraging the congregation at the June 23 Sunday service from Psalm 18:43-44, which is the promise for the week.

According to her, every battle a child of God faces is not to destroy him or her but to further strengthen him or her for more exploits. Such a believer however needs to understand this so as to have a positive mindset when going through challenges, she said.

“When you know who you are,” she stated, “you will understand that your troubles are not disqualifiers but the reason God will promote you. Once you’ve fought battles with His help and won, you are ready for promotion. God will never use a vessel that hasn’t been tested.”

She therefore urged them never to lose hope but trust in God, no matter the situation, just as David did not lose faith in God and so was always victorious.


Using the account of the news of Jesus’ birth relayed to the shepherds by the angels recorded in Luke 2:8-20 as an illustration, Pastor Nomthi at the June 20 Thursday Showers service said that God uses the simple things to confuse the wise.  According to her, just as the shepherds were chosen to spread the news of Jesus’ birth though it seemed awkward because they were not celebrities or learned, so also are Christians chosen and sent to spread the Gospel of Christ to the world.

In her words, “God chose the shepherds because they would understand the environment of the manger since they are used to animals. As believers, you have been saved from sin, so you understand what it is to be in sin. This should motivate you to preach the Gospel. You’ve been reached among the best. So don’t be selfish; go out and tell the people about Jesus.”