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Using the story of Governor Felix and Apostle Paul in Acts 24:22-27 as examples, Pastor Nomthi at the December 8 Thursday Showers service said that no child of God should compromise his or her faith for anything in life. According to her, it always pays to stay with God and keep one’s faith, irrespective of whatever is happening, just as apostle Paul stood firm and refused to bribe the governor. “It doesn’t matter the prison you feel you are in, you have Christ in you who died for you at the cross at Calvary and can save you,” she said.

Instead of taking revenge, Pastor Nomthi urged that the best thing children of God can do for those who hurt them is offer forgiveness because it is key to receiving their own blessings. “Forgive anyone who has hurt or imprisoned you irrespective of their reason for doing it. Don’t partake in their wickedness by holding them in unforgiveness,” she enjoined.