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Pastor Chukwuma Nzegwu @ Sunday first service

During his message at the August 21st Sunday’s first service, Pastor Nzegwu said that acquiring a heart of wisdom is not a one-off activity, but a journey that runs through the course of Christians’ lives.

Speaking from Psalm 90: 1-6 and 10-12, the man of God noted that the heart of wisdom speaks about motives, thoughts, wisdom, and Godly knowledge in order to think and view things more like God. He continued by saying that time on earth is filled with troubles and sorrows, adding that even Christians were not promised a problem-free life. He noted, however, that applying the heart of wisdom is how life can be lived without letting the problems of life mar one’s journey through life.

Using the lives of Moses as recorded in Numbers 20 and that of David as recorded in 1 Samuel 24 as illustrations, Pastor Nzegwu explained the attitudes believers ought to have when faced with life’s challenges. According to him, Christians are constantly faced with internal and external pressure just like God’s servants throughout the ages, but their reactions are what show how a heart of wisdom is applied.

“Due to the pressure from the children of Israel, Moses disobeyed God’s instructions and consequently was denied entry into the Promised Land; the very purpose for which he led the children of Israel out of Egypt. David, on the other hand, had an opportunity to take revenge on King Saul but didn’t give in to the pressure of life and counsel by his men to kill Saul, but decided to apply a heart of wisdom in dealing with the situation by sparing the life of Saul,” he said.

He continued, “A heart of wisdom is needed to avert a potentially bad situation.”

The cleric went further to cite the examples of Paul and Barnabas in Acts 15:1-31, where they applied their hearts to wisdom in averting a potentially bad situation by taking an issue of conflict within the church to the elders in Jerusalem for resolution, rather than taking matters into their own hands, which could have badly degenerated. He then noted that these kinds of situations are not uncommon in our families, organizations, and churches.

He said, “As Christians, we need to have a heart that acquires and keeps the wisdom of God in order to make the best out of the situation because sometimes these situations teach us patience and perseverance.”

In rounding off his message, Pastor Nzegwu emphasised the need for Christians to habitually read and meditate on the word of God, as this will enable them to learn Godly counsel that can be put to use when the situation arises. “Life is short, death is sure, and the issues of eternity are too weighty to be handled without applying our hearts to wisdom,” he concluded.




Pastor Dapo Williams @ Sunday Second Service

While ministering during the second service on Sunday, August 22, on the message titled “Unveiling the Mystery of Dedications”, Pastor Dapo Williams told the congregation at The Fountain of Life Church that it is important for anyone who is a Christian to be conscious of spiritual things.

The Minister stated that ‘’Life is spiritual, and the spiritual realm is very legalistic.” He used Luke 2:21-40 as his main text as he continued to build his case for his topic, talking about the dedication of the LORD Jesus Christ as an infant and what that meant for the Prophets Simeon and Anna who were present.

He advocated that the experience gained from spiritual knowledge and encounters makes the Word of God sweeter than honeycomb. According to him, it is the familiarity and understanding of the Word of God that empowers the devil to make the lives of unserious Christians difficult. He charged that it is therefore necessary to become acquainted with the truth in order to live above the activities of the wicked one.

Emphasizing the importance of dedication, he highlighted that cities and nations could be dedicated to God while citing the examples of Jos and the United States. On the other hand, nations could also be dedicated to the devil. He drew the congregation’s attention to the serious spiritual fights over the two examples he gave, saying, “Faith is a fight, and life is spiritual.”

Pastor Dapo explained that dedication must always be accompanied by a sacrifice to be in line with the patterns of Scripture. He used 2 Chronicles 7:1–5 to back up his point and stressed that following divine guidance was the best way to make sure spiritual rules were followed well.

He admonished them of the need to be careful in not messing around with things that have been dedicated to God. Referring to the events described in Joshua 7: 1–13 and Joshua 7: 24–26, the Minister advised parents to exercise caution in how they raise and treat their children in order to ensure that God is always satisfied.

In concluding his message, he said that it is important to keep faith with God. He assured the congregation that God never fails and always keeps His promises. Isaiah 43:14.




Pastor Amaka Maduneme @ Thursday Showers

Pastor Amaka Maduneme, while preaching at the August 18th Thursday showers, told the worshippers that God is still capable of transforming valleys into gateways of hope.

Using Peter’s experience recorded in Luke 5:4-5 as an example, Pastor Amaka said that just as Peter was frustrated after toiling all night to catch fish but caught nothing, quite a number of believers are also frustrated because they are not experiencing fruitfulness as they want. “It could seem like it is never going to be good, but at God’s word, believe again, trust again. Just as the conclusion of the story in Luke 5 created a net-breaking testimony for Peter, God will create a testimony for you,” she said.

Pastor Amaka also encouraged the congregation to confess the scripture and speak positively to themselves regardless of what is going on in the country, noting that God can never fail or lie. “Every morning when you get up from bed, get your life going in God’s direction, think powerful thoughts, and regardless of the obstacle, know that your God is a faithful God,” she noted.

The clergy also cited Mark 4:35–41 to say that Jesus has the power to calm storms in nature, adding that believers, therefore, ought to watch what they say as their words during challenges would determine where their heart is. In her words, “regardless of the storm in your life, watch the things you say,” she urged.

She then asked the congregation to pray over whatever challenges they’re facing and command the storm to be still because, “our God is bigger,” she noted.