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Pastor Taiwo Odukoya @ Sunday service

Pastor Taiwo Odukoya, while ministering at the September 19 Sunday service, stated that God has always desired to be in the midst of His children; noting that they have been created to be vessels of His glory. “All that pertains to life and godliness has been given to the children of God. You can appropriate all that has been promised by being by God’s side,” he said.
Pastor Taiwo also emphasised the importance of not keeping quiet when in God’s presence as God’s promises are activated through the spoken word. In his words, “God expects his children to live by faith and therefore being in God’s presence ought not to be accompanied by doubts but rather by a strong conviction that there are no impossibilities with God. You cannot glorify God except you trust Him. So, lift up your desires when in the presence of God.”
The clergy further outlined fear and desires as flowing through the channel of creativity and stated that everything a Christian needs, initially crystalises as a desire which if met with fear leads to a contrary outcome. “Desires are born in a child of God by motivation and inspiration, and feeling intimidated by a need or desire implies the presence of fear which ultimately leads to the desire not being met,” he noted.
Pastor Taiwo also stated that the scriptures in the epistles put Christians as existing in God and ultimately, God glorifies the vessel that will become the source of his glory on earth.
He, therefore, urged the congregation to always look out for the glory of God as this will cause things to align and change in their favour; stating that glorifying God entails constantly having an attitude of gratitude towards Him and also fellowshipping with Him.


Pastor Taiwo Odukoya @ Thursday Showers

September 13 Thursday showers took a different turn as shouts of joy rend the air by worshippers after an active charge from Pastor Taiwo to jump and give shouts of joy to God; he said this noting that God’s presence brings joy into the hearts of believers irrespective of circumstances or situations.
Speaking from Luke 5:17- 20, the clergy noted that believers should not allow the crowd to disturb or hinder them from reaching out to Jesus just as the friends of the paralytic didn’t allow the crowd to hinder them from taking their helpless friend to Jesus.
According to pastor Taiwo, reaching out to Jesus despite all odds requires faith. This faith, he said, doesn’t necessarily mean one must touch Jesus or any man physically but by applying faith of the word of God. In his words, “Faith can be seen. And your faith is not hinged on seeing a pastor, archbishop or any apostle but on the word of God, which you read and believe. Jesus can see your faith and the moment faith is there, there will be a performance.”
He, therefore, urged his listeners not to joke about getting closer to Jesus. This, he said, can be done by dwelling on His Word. “Don’t allow anything distraction or disturb your Christianity. Jesus is the reason you come to worship; let Him be the centre of your focus. There is something unusual about Jesus in the life of a believer,” he said.