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Today’s Scripture: Proverbs 15:1

A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.

The year was 1934, and Hitler’s plague of anti-Semitism was blowing across Europe. Caught up in the midst of it was an 11-year-old Jew called Heinz. Heinz lived in the Bavarian village of Furth. His father had lost his job as a school teacher. Hitler’s thugs were overrunning the streets. It was a dangerous time to be a Jew. Young Heinz would often move to the other side of the street upon sighting the out-for-trouble Hitler youths. He could however not run forever. One day, he ran into some Hitler’s bullies intent on beating him up; but he got out of the confrontation unhurt, without throwing a single blow. What did he throw? Words! He spoke kindly to the thugs, persuading them to jettison the idea of a fight. There, on the streets of Furth in 1934, Heinz learnt the power of words in resolving conflicts. Years later, the world would remember him by his Anglicized name, Henry Kissinger, one of the greatest diplomats that ever lived.

Words possess the inherent power to build and destroy. Relationships can be torn apart by words wrongly applied; spouses get offended beyond recourse, children are set on the wrong path, employee morale is damaged, and even church folks are hurt. On the other hand, relationships can be built and healed by words. A few kind words can make your loved ones feel good about themselves and inspire them to reciprocate. Words like “I’m sorry,” “Please,” “I love you” can douse the tension in a relationship and create an atmosphere for the mutual expression of warmth and love.

The truth is, words proceed from the abundance of one’s heart. We can train our lips to utter words of edification and grace by allowing the Word of God dwell richly in us. And because you have the Holy Spirit, your words will build bridges and preserve peace, in Jesus’ name.  Perhaps your words have not always come out right, even when you meant well. It is time to ask God to help you. Ask the Holy Spirit to season your words with salt so that you speak what you mean henceforth and communicate love and concern. Your words will douse conflicts. You will minister grace to your hearers, and your relationships will awaken to new dimensions of love, joy and fulfillment, in Jesus’ name.

Memorize & Meditate:

“Reckless words pierce like a sword, but the tongue of the wise brings healing.”  Proverbs 12:18


Lord, cause the meditations of my heart and the words of my mouth to be acceptable in Your sight. Let my speech continually be seasoned with salt, conferring grace to my hearers, in Jesus’ name.