Pastor Nomthi tells Fountaneers @ Dec 10 Sunday Service
Pastor Nomthi Odukoya has said the Lord God is the strength of believers. She stated this during the December 13, 2020 Sunday service, while encouraging the worshippers from Habakkuk 3:19 which is the promise of the week.
According to the Associate Senior Pastor who argued that God will make believers’ feet like hinds’ feet and make them walk upon His high places, noted that they would not be able to achieve this except by the Spirit of God. She ended the exhortation by declaring to the congregation that they will not stumble even as the year runs to an end.



Pastor Nomthi says @ Thursday Showers
Worshippers at the December 10, 2020, Thursday Showers have been informed that they are in the world to fight the Amalekites.
This exhortation came from Pastor Nomthi Odukoya while encouraging the worshippers to trust God to fight for them even as they go to face whatever stands as the Amalekites to them. “God has not stopped fighting our battles so keep your hands steady and keep worshipping and praising Him,” she said.
Taking her exhortation from Exodus 17:8-16, Pastor Nomthi Odukoya, informed the worshippers that God is their banner and that every battle of their lives had already been defeated. She declared that God would help them such that they will not be overwhelmed by the battles they are being confronted by.
The clergy, whilst insisting that “When we decide to give up, we are saying that God should stop working on our case”, said, “When sometimes you are going through a storm, God wants you to be creative. God will not fail you because He has never lost any battle.”