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Pastor Taiwo Odukoya @ Sunday Service

Pastor Taiwo Odukoya at the March 21 Sunday Service has reminded the congregation that there is power in the spoken word of God. He said this noting that the power in the word of God is backed by the Holy Spirit who resides in a born again Christian and is able to transform lives.
Taking his message from the Book of Acts 19:1-19, he said that believers who have the Holy Spirit in them should not be ashamed of the Gospel just as Apostle Paul was not ashamed of the Gospel. “As a believer, you have been baptised into the person of the Holy Spirit, and your life is now in collaboration with Him. The Christian Life is a fusion with God’s life. It is an anomaly for a believer to live a life that is powerless,” he said.
Pastor Taiwo Odukoya further noted that the words of Jesus which Apostle Paul was teaching were life changing words which was about the Good News and restoration of life through the Gospel.
He therefore encouraged today’s believers to desire to be affected by these same words of Jesus and to teach same to others so that lives can be changed. “The simplicity of the Word in your mouth has power to affect and change lives for good,” he said.

Pastor Taiwo @Thursday Showers

March 18 Thursday showers at The Fountain of Life Church took another special turn as there was an overflow of testimonies from participants. Pastor Taiwo Odukoya who ministered to the participants after each testimony stated that there is power in the word of God, stressing that testimonies abound when the word is working.
According to him, when believers share their testimonies, they become witnesses of Jesus. “You are demonstrating with your life that He is alive and well. That is why He asked you to go into the world and be a witness to Him and that these signs shall follow you. So, all you need is just believe and signs shall follow you.”
Pastor Taiwo further explained that irrespective of whatever a child of God is going through, the power of God is always available to do the miraculous. “If you understood the word and chose to live by the word, even when you are struggling, believe me, the word will work for you. And when the word is working for you, then you can never be without a testimony,” he said.
Speaking from Matthew 7:7-12, the clergy stated that instant application of the word is one way believers can make the Word work for them. He equally noted that the love of God is powerful and all-encompassing, stating that it helps believers in their walk with God.
He then encouraged them to boldly ask God for anything as He is too faithful to fail them in times of trouble.