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Pastor Marjorie Esomowei @Sunday First Service

The 2018 edition of the Word Explosion Conference started on an explosive note with Pastor Marjorie Esomowei, an ordained minister and co-pastor of Triumphant Church International, London, ministering at the April 8 Sunday first service. Dwelling on the theme of the conference The Covenant Keeping God, Pastor Marj, as she is fondly called, admonished the congregation never to limit God to their challenges as His covenant with them will never fail. “God is not a man that He should lie,” she emphasised.
Speaking from Jeremiah 16:21, Pastor Marjorie said that the realm of God’s might is activated through prayer. This, according to her, makes everything possible for everyone who believes in Him. “God’s word is final and the battle is His. So believe in the God of covenant who keeps His promises and He will fight for you,” she said.
She noted that God’s might can work for believers now as it worked for the patriarchs in the scriptures. According to her, the parting of the Red Sea (Psalm 114:1-8); the voluntary opening of the iron city gate (Acts 12:10); the enabling power over Samson to tear a lion (Judges 14:6) and perform unusual acts (Judges 15:15); the uncommon victory of the Israelites through Deborah (Judges 5:4-5); the victorious power over threat on Apostle Paul (Acts 28:4-5); and the victory over Haman’s wickedness (Esther 3:1-7) were proofs of God’s might.

She stated that God’s children can also have and therefore utilise this might if they can abstain from idolatry; believe in God against all odds; have faith; live a life of devoted prayer; stand on the word of God; not grieve the Holy Spirit; and live a life worthy of God’s calling. “When a child of God is under a threat, the God of covenant shows up and His Spirit of might enables him or her to do greater thing,” she said


Pastor Edwin Idemudia @ Sunday Second Service

Ministering at the second service was the senior pastor of the Tower of Refuge Church in Geneva, Pastor Edwin Idemudia, and he dwelt on the other side of God where the manifestation of the covenant is ever sure. According to him, God’s covenant never fails, irrespective of the seeming contradictions in a believer’s realities and faith. “God’s word cannot fail in your life. One word of God will demolish everything the devil has packaged against your life and that word will work on your behalf this week,” he said.

Using Moses’ encounter with God and His instruction on how to free the children of Israel from the bondage of Egypt (recorded in Exodus 5:20-6:3) as an illustration, Pastor Idemudia said that believers must know their God. This, according to him, will help them hold on to their faith and confession. “This is an era where you must know the God you believe so you won’t be quick to abandon your faith and confession,” he stated.

He urged the congregation to always remember that they are one with God and are His covenant children. Then they should explore the depth of God as this, according to him, is the standard in the family they belong to. “Put your trust in this covenant keeping God and take that limitation off God. Begin to explore the depth of God. Don’t limit Him within the confines of your challenges, because He is doing a new thing,” he said.

Pastor Taiwo @ Thursday Showers
Pastor Taiwo Odukoya, while addressing believers at the Thursday Showers service of April 5, said the devil would always come in disguise to intimidate believers, but understanding their identity in Christ would always give them the courage to confront the him thereby making them overcomers, just like David defeated Goliath in 1 Samuel 17:1-29. “There will always be a cause for a champion to emerge. Since greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world, you will always be victorious,” he said.
He noted that every child of God becomes a champion through the everlasting covenant in the blood of Jesus. This, he said, is for the fulfilment of purpose and not to compete, impress or supersede other people’s achievements. “Champions are not self-made; it is only God that makes champions. A champion is made in obscurity but revealed in the open.”
He urged all to be conscious of their identity in Christ, and this, according to him, can only happen through the word of God. “God made you a champion. It is the revelation you get from the word of God, and the application of that word in every area of your life, that make you a champion,” he stated.


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