Pastor Taiwo @Sunday service
God usually defines Himself by what He wants to do in the lives of His children. He never changes but can change any situation and interrupt natural processes whenever He chooses to. But for this divine interruption to occur in the lives of believers, God expects absolute trust in Him as this is what provokes open doors. Pastor Taiwo said this at the August 6 Sunday services. “Your total trust in God and His word will provoke open doors and the divine strength to go through the doors, ’’ he said.
Speaking from Revelation 3:7-9, Nahum 1:7 and Romans 14:17, he explained that the kingdom of God is resident in every believer, and the consciousness of this will positively affect their mentality, lifestyle, creativity and relationships. Believers, he said, should therefore focus on the things of the Spirit rather than on the things of the flesh. “When you are conscious of who you are and what you carry, you will walk with dignity,” he said.
He then enjoined all to always be conscious of the divine power in them, and to constantly activate it as this will always bring about a manifestation of the kingdom and bring forth positive results.
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Pastor Taiwo @ Thursday Showers

Just as Jesus Christ introduced and exhibited the kingdom of God while on earth, believers, who also are filled with the Holy Spirit, ought to display the kingdom on earth so as to positively affect the world. Pastor Taiwo said this at the August 3 Thursday Showers service. “As a believer what you carry matters a lot because that will determine how you are perceived and what you are known for in the world. The open door God sets before you is to reflect and display the kingdom of God,” he said
He noted that the open door God has set before them, according to Revelation 3:7-9, is not only for provision and the miraculous but majorly for believers to establish His kingdom by exhibiting the conviction of His word and His character so much so that those around them would come to that kingdom. “This kingdom within will automatically trigger provision, so what to eat and drink should not become a distraction. You need to focus on God’s nature and character that you carry and thereby affect the entire environment,” he stated.
He encouraged them from Luke 17:20-21 not to be afraid of anything that might seek to hinder them from living the exemplary life God requires of them. In his words, “Don’t focus on the afflictions or adversary when the door is set open. You cannot be limited, held back or truncated by the devil, so don’t be afraid because whatever challenges the adversary throws at you will only lead to more doors being opened.”