Pastor Taiwo Odukoya Sunday service
It was joy unlimited as members of The Fountain of Life Church poured out their hearts in
worship to God at the June 5 Sunday service, giving glory for all He has done for them.
While sharing the promise for the week, in 2 Corinthians 10:4-5, Pastor Biodun Soderu said
believers could demolish every demonic fantasy that opposes God in their environment and
capture every opposing thought to their well-being, both physically and spiritually, just like
prisoners of war.
Strongholds, according to him, can either be demonic or thoughts passed down over
generations. However, the power of God can capture them as believers take their stand. He,
therefore, urged the congregation to stand on God’s word and pull down every stronghold in
their lives and around them.
While continuing the teaching, which he began the previous Thursday, Pastor Taiwo said that
everyone on earth has a need and desire, howbeit some people do not know what their need
or desire is. Speaking from John 7:37-39, the clergyman noted that just as the Jews celebrated
the feast of the tabernacle by worshipping God but did not know that the essence of their
worship, Jesus, was physically with them in the temple, they did not realise who He was.
The man of God, who acknowledged that peoples needs range from the need of God, food,
encouragement, and power, among others, also admitted that problems get solved if people
depend on God. God never created us to be independent in life, and the most important thing
in life is relationships, he said.
God created us to depend on Him, and in confusing situations, all our needs should directly
come from God. Pastor Taiwo also said there is liberation in Christ. Citing Psalm 145:16,
Proverbs 10:24, Matthew 6:26, and John7:38, the clergyman stated that God created us to have

desires and be satisfied, noting that Jesus Christ should be our centre of focus because in Him
we are complete.
Pastor Taiwo closed his message by declaring that a minister of God will only give out of the
overflowing grace of Jesus Christ to people, noting that there is nothing any believer can lack in


Pastor Taiwo @ Thursday Showers
The first Thursday Showers service in June 2022 was filled with joy, praise, and thanksgiving to
God. Members of the congregation shared testimonies of breakthroughs and God's deliverance.
Brother Wale, who thanked God for journey mercies on his trip to and from Ile-Ife, said that
though there was a near miss, God, in His infinite mercy, averted what would have been an
accident. Sister Bisi also testified to God's faithfulness in fast-tracking a project she thought was
being delayed.
The Senior Pastor of The Fountain of Life Church, Pastor Taiwo Odukoya, took his scripture
reading from John 7:37–39, where he noted that the Holy Spirit comes in two ways in the life of
a born-again Christian. Pastor Taiwo taught that the Holy Spirit first comes as a regenerating
force and then as an in-filling. He, however, noted that if one does not have the Holy Spirit in
them, it will be difficult for such a person to lead others to become born again. What you do
not have, you cannot give. So if you are not born again, it will be difficult for you to get
somebody else born again, he said.
Citing the case of the overflowing of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost as recorded in the book of Acts
chapter two, the Senior Pastor explained that to win a soul to Christ, the person must be
working through the overflow of the Holy Spirit that is within him or her.
He went ahead to remind his listeners that the presence of the Holy Spirit in the life of a
believer is an assurance that Jesus Christ is glorified and He reigns forever. He added, That is
why you can be filled with the Spirit, and that is why you can speak in tongues, that is why you
can move in the spirit, assuring yourself that Jesus reigns supreme.
He went on to say that after Christ was glorified, all those who were dead in sin were made
alive with Him, raised with Him, and seated in the heavens with Him (see Ephesians 2).
According to him, If Christ is not seated, you can never be seated.
However, Pastor Taiwo warned that the devil would do everything to scuttle the journey of a
believer who is walking on the path of fulfilling their God-ordained ministry. When you go in

that direction, the devil will try to kill you, he warned. The devil would do this because such a
person will not only be his master but will also cause many others to be his master.
Also, referring to John 7:37, he reminded listeners of Jesus's call to those who thirst. This thirst,
he said, could be to various degrees, but first on the list is the thirst for salvation. Then, others
could be a thirst for marriage, finance, and health, among others.
He advised that the solution to their thirst is to drink from Jesus Himself, for He (Jesus)
declared, If anyone thirsts, let him come to Me and drink. (John 7:37b). According to Pastor
Taiwo Odukoya, No matter how intense your thirst is, He (Jesus) is the only one that can satisfy
your thirst.