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Pastor Taiwo Odukoya @ Father’s Day Celebration

Sunday service at The Fountain of Life Church on June 20 was unusual. It was the international Father’s Day celebration. The Senior Pastor, Taiwo Odukoya, in his message, commented that the most cherished virtue of fatherhood is faith; noting that if a father doesn’t have faith, he has failed in his role.

Speaking from Ephesians 5:25, where husbands were commanded to love their wives just as Christ loved the church, the clergy maintained that no man can love his wife as Christ did for the church except with faith; stating that the capacity for a man to trust God is the faith of the father. He further used the account of Adam’s disobedience and Abraham’s obedience to God’s instructions to tell his listeners that many men have also failed in their responsibilities as fathers due to their distrust and disobedience in God while those who obey God are enjoying the benefits thereof.

In his words, “Abraham first of all became a father of faith before he could be a father of nations. Fatherhood everywhere starts with a calling and you have all that is required to be all that God has called you to be. You have something in you that God wants to use.”

The clergy therefore urged all men and fathers to always put their trust in God who will help them fulfill their calling as fathers. “God will never leave you helpless regardless of how fierce the battle of the world may be. But if there’s something to cherish as a father, it is your faith in God,” he urged.



Pastor Taiwo Odukoya @Thursday showers

Pastor Taiwo Odukoya at the June 17 Showers Service made a brief exposition on the book of Hebrew 11. Explaining the first opening verses of the text, he noted that if the patriarchs of faith who had gone on before, got their promises through exercising faith, today’s believers can obtain God’s promises through faith as well.

He also said that though things may seem impossible and quite obscure to believers, that doesn’t refute the existence of God’s promises. It is you that will have to engage in constantly speaking God’s word to bring them to pass,” he said.

Making reference to Abraham, who received and anticipated until he got the promise of Isaac, the clergy stated that there is always more in the future for a believer; noting that believers should never think there is no more God can do with them.

Pastor Taiwo thereafter encouraged the worshipers to believe God’s word and hold firm on to it. “God has a way of crossing our path to fulfil His purpose,” he concluded.