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Pastor Taiwo Odukoya @ Sunday service

Pastor Taiwo during his message at the November 1 Sunday service said that the church is the thermostat of any nation. According to him, the state of the church determines the state of the nation, stating that when God wants to judge a nation, He starts by judging the church. In his words, “The state of a nation is directly the assessment of the Church. When God wants to judge a nation, He will judge the Church.”
Taking his bible reference from 2 Chronicles 7:1,12-14, Mathew 16:19, and Mathew 18:18, the Senior Pastor stated that the time has come for the church to arise and take her responsibility in the place of her assignment with utmost importance, noting that when God puts a person in a place of assignment, if they do not take charge, right before their eyes it will be gone. “It is time to arise and take charge. There is no vacuum in leadership. If there is a vacuum, the devil will take it from you,” he warned.
Pastor stressed on the need for constant humility, prayer and focus on God because, “when you begin to concentrate on the blessings enjoyed from God, the sin called pride of life will set in.” It is in the place of prayer, humility and focus on Christ that this can be averted.
He therefore urged believers not to forget their identity in Christ because that will mark the beginning of a successful life of leadership in their place of assignment. “It begins with your appreciation of who God has made you and what He has made available to you. It begins with the repentance and restoration of the Church,” he said.
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Pastor Taiwo Odukoya @Thursday showers
Pastor Odukoya has reminded believers to always apply order in whatever they do, noting that God is a God of order, hence His covenant children should apply same in their lives. He said this at the October 29 Thursday showers where he noted that many fail because they get unnecessarily emotional, forgetting to apply this principle in their businesses, personal or corporate life.
He went on to note that where there is chaos and disorderliness, nothing meaningful would be achieved; just as the devil tried to cause chaos and disorderliness in heaven, but was flung out of Heaven.
He admonished that by living and walking in a covenant relationship with God, will a believer live a productive life giving the devil no grounds in their life. “The ground you allow the devil, he begins to take permanently; that is why the devil pushes constantly.”
He went further to maintain that over ambition brings trouble for a lot of people causing them to be blind to the point they forget they are human. “Many people cut-off their destinies over stupid and selfish ambitions.” This he said while making reference to the story of Abraham and Lot from the Book of Genesis 13:1-14.
The clergy hinted that there is no selfishness a God-Covenanted relationship and therefore advised his listeners not to forget their beginning, insisting that it would put them in a position of perpetual thanksgiving. In his words, “be humble and desist from any form of oppression and selfishness. Handle matters carefully and be more prayerful.”