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Pastor Taiwo Odukoya @ Sunday First Service

The blood of Jesus Christ is what transforms one from a fearful to a confident child of God, and a good understanding of this will make every child of God enjoy victory and divine blessings in abundance. This was the crux of Pastor Taiwo Odukoya’s message at the March 24 Sunday first service. “The beginning of your victory in life is knowledge. The basis of your salvation, victory and eternal future is the blood of Jesus,” he said.

Speaking from Hebrews 12:18-24, he said that the blood of Jesus makes the difference between those who live in fear and trembling, and those who live in the understanding of their rights and confidence in God. According to him, one major tool the devil uses to put people in captivity is fear, but as many as know their rights and are confident in the finished work of deliverance achieved through the blood of Jesus Christ will always achieve their purpose. “The best things of your life are on the other side of fear; you must cross over to get them,” he said.

He therefore urged them to always be conscious of their rights in Christ and be confident in the blood.



Pastor Ronke Aladesuru @ Sunday Second Service

In her message at the second service of March 24, Pastor Ronke Aladesuru said that the moment one becomes born again, he or she is entitled to four major covenant gifts: the blood of Jesus, the Word of God, the Holy Spirit and the name of Jesus.

She noted that these gifts are the weapons to be used by believers when faced with challenges in the journey of life. According to her, as believers walk deeper in those gifts, they get to know their covenant Partner (which is God) the more; walk more in the fullness of their covenant blessings and get into a place of covenant rest. “When you get to the place of covenant rest, nothing moves you any longer. So you have to be deliberately conscious of the gifts and appropriate them,” she stated.

She then emphasized that there is no door that can be permanently shut against a child of God as long as he or she uses his or her covenant gifts.


Pastor Taiwo @ Thursday Showers

You will never truly know the dimension of God’s grace except through the blood of Jesus Christ, and everything He will do in your life in line with the purpose for which He created you would be through Jesus’ blood. Pastor Taiwo Odukoya said this at the March 21 Thursday Showers service while speaking on the efficacy of the blood of Jesus. “The blood of Jesus restores and delivers His children. So be confident of that blood,” he said.

Speaking from Ephesians 1:1-7, Hebrews 13:20-21 and Exodus 12:1-3, he said that anyone who is not under the blood covenant is under the judgment of God, just like the Egyptians who did not have the blood mark on the lintels of their houses were visited with the plague. “When you have the blood of Jesus, you have divine protection,” he stated.

He then urged believers to always be mindful of and take seriously the blood of Jesus as it also passes judgment on their enemies. “It doesn’t matter the devil that has held you down, the blood of Jesus will deliver you,” he said.


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