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Pastor Jimmy Odukoya @ Sunday service

While ministering on the message titled The Ark of His Presence, Pastor Jimmy Odukoya stated during the October 15 Sunday service that God is always intentional in everything He does. According to him, everyone is intentionally created, and the circumstances surrounding any individual are all intentional.

Referencing Joshua 3:1–5, 14–17, and Exodus 25:10–22, the clergy highlighted the intentionality of the creation of the Ark as the specificities of God’s instruction are unmistakable as to the materials, forms, and manners of the final outlook of the spiritual symbol.

Recalling the message shared with the congregation a few weeks before, on the ‘’Scarlet Thread’’ being representative of the redemptive blood of Jesus, even as the blood of the animals was commanded to be sprinkled on the Mercy Seat for atoning for the sins of the people, he espoused that Christ is the end of the law for everyone who believes in Him and the sacrifice of His blood on the Cross of Calvary.

According to Pastor Jimmy, the Ark of Covenant pointed to Jesus, citing Hebrews 4:15–16 and Ephesians 2:11–16 as references. “Jesus is the manifest presence of God, just as the Holy Spirit is the manifest presence of God. So also, God’s manifest presence is the body of a believer. Therefore, a believer must honour and glorify God with their body,” he said.

He brought his message to a close by declaring that it is important to note that Jesus is the full representation of everything that a Christian may be looking for. He admonished that it will not be wise to be caught up with semblances of sacrifices and monuments of spirituality and neglect the presence of God.

“Monuments are not the final destination; they are to remind Christians of what God did, as exemplified in Joshua 4:1-3, 21–24. God is always doing new things. So, looking at the monument prevents a Christian from experiencing the presence of God through the new things God does. “When you follow the presence of God, He will show you the newness,” he said.

The full message is available on the Church’s YouTube channel, The Fountain TV, and Pastor Jimmy Odukoya’s YouTube channel @JimmyOdukoyaofficial.  https://www.youtube.com/live/_6Ut_1gnSyU?si=MTHv4QAbfl5qIsKD 



Pastor Jimi Odukoya @Thursday Showers October

Pastor Jimmy Odukoya, while ministering at the October 12 Thursday Showers Service, said that the Lord is a Good Shepherd who will never leave His own. He said this, noting that believers should avoid worrying over things and entrust their lives to the Good Shepherd who is capable of keeping them.

“Unless God keeps the city, the watchmen watch in vain. So, rather than try to control or make plans or give yourself headaches about what tomorrow will hold, why not let the Shepherd of your soul make you lay down in green pastures? I may not know what tomorrow holds, but I know the One who holds tomorrow,” he said.

Speaking from Psalm 23:1-2, the senior pastor of the church noted that the Good Shepherd knows where the green pasture is and knows how to lead His sheep to a safe place. Getting to a safe place, he added, can only be achieved when God’s children obediently follow the voice of the Good Shepherd. “Whether we like it or not, every day brings us closer to our grave. But the good news is, the One who is our Shepherd knows the pastures to take us,” he said.

Pastor J continued, “Don’t waste your time trying to leave out the Shepherd; follow the Shepherd of your soul. The Shepherd identifies what is a green pasture for His sheep; it is not just about provision but also about safety and security.”

Also speaking from Proverbs 10:22, 14:12, and 3:5–6, the man of God insisted that not every open door or opportunity is a blessing from God, adding that some shut doors can also be from God so as to protect His children from dangers. According to him, “Sometimes, you need to be thankful for the doors God shut and the prayers He didn’t answer because it is His goodness over you that didn’t allow you to get that thing you wanted,” he stated.

He therefore urged the worshippers to be conscious of the leading of the Good Shepherd, as that is when they would get to their destination safely. In his words, “Everybody has a green pasture different from the other person. Your pasture may change from season to season; don’t box God in. Yield to your Shepherd and let Him lead you, and He will lead you to your green pastures.”

The full message is available on the Church’s YouTube channel, The Fountain TV, and Pastor Jimmy Odukoya’s YouTube channel @JimmyOdukoyaofficial.  https://www.youtube.com/live/_6Ut_1gnSyU?si=MTHv4QAbfl5qIsKD