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Pastor Jimmy Odukoya @ Sunday service

Pastor Jimmy Odukoya has admonished believers to relinquish their reins to the Captain of their ship and the Shepherd of their soul. He said this while concluding the series on “The Ark of His Presence” at the November 5 Sunday service.

Ministering from Joshua 3:3-4 and Psalm 16:8-11, the Senior Pastor said that it is important to be led by the presence of God because men do not know which way to go, adding that doing this brings a form of humility to man.

The clergy also asked the congregation to desist from trying to manipulate God into doing their biddings but to rather submit to Him, noting that the latter always impedes growth and cause delays in life. “Don’t behave in a way to want God to cooperate with your goals, timing, and desires; rather submit willingly to Him. Put Him before you for He alone knows where He is taking you to,” he said.

He noted that putting the Lord before you means you must love the Lord wholeheartedly and meditate on His word, adding that this will affect the way you think and even your choice of words.

Citing Deuteronomy 30:11-20 and Jonah 4:1-11, he emphasised that in spite of the fact that God has given man the power of choice, He wants him to recognise Him as the final authority. “Humility is easy when you know that all you possess have been given to you by God,” he stated.

Pastor Jimmy therefore urged his listeners to always set the Lord at their right hand, noting that it is the easiest way to navigate life as it signifies God’s place of authority and victory in their lives. “Stop trying to have a negotiation or cooperation strategy with God. Rather submit totally to Him who is the Captain of your ship and the Shepherd of your soul,” he urged.

Other scriptures he referenced are Psalm 110:1, Jeremiah 22:24, Mark 14:62, Romans 8:34,1 Peter 3:21, Psalm 23:2, Proverb 12:12, Proverb 10:22, Matthew 22: 36-37, Psalm 119:147-148, Colossians 3:16, and Psalm 19:14.


Pastor Jimmy Odukoya @ Thursday Showers

Pastor Jimmy Odukoya, while ministering at the November 2 Thursday Showers, reminded the worshippers that they are the apple of God’s eye and so should not worry about life because everything they need has been provided for. According to him, God is a good shepherd who will always lead His own to a resting place. He however noted that believers often do not use their faith to access what God has already made available to them.

In his words, “It takes a level of trust to fall when you don’t know when you are landing or see what is behind you. But when you go from hesitation to trusting that the One who is behind you has the capacity and ability to hold you, it will become an assurance that gives you inner peace to allow yourself to be vulnerable to God.”

Speaking from Psalm 23 and Hebrew 4:4 (AMP), the clergy noted that God has prepackaged everything believers need for life and is always waiting for them to claim those packages with their names. “Everything you need has already been prepackaged with your name on them. God is only waiting for you to believe so you can access it. When you believe, then you receive what He has already done,” he said.

The Senior Pastor noted that that God can be trusted, adding that He has the capacity to deliver to them the resting place He has promised them. He stated, “The One who is guaranteeing you rest has the capacity and ability to give you the rest He promised you in spite of your circumstances and situations. Stop praying faithless prayers; the only way you can enter this rest is when you confidently rely on Him.”

He therefore urged them to put their trust in God, stating that he can be trusted. “Stop praying for rest, stop praying for peace. Believe so that you can receive and walk in what He has already done. If you are confident and assured, then you will rely on the salvation that God promised and the power He possesses. If you have no hesitation then you have inner peace,” he added.

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