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Hands Off!

In continuation of the message that he started the previous Thursday, Pastor Taiwo Odukoya started his message at the March 26 Sunday service by emphasising the importance of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in Christians’ lives. He said this, adding that God’s breath has been inputted into them at salvation, and they need to continue to let Him live in them. “As Christians, God’s breath has been put into us, and we are created to house the Holy Spirit,” he said.

Being filled with the Holy Spirit, Pastor Taiwo said, leaves no room for Christians to be filled with attributes of the flesh such as anger and unforgiveness. He cited examples in the Bible of great men of God such as Stephen and John, who were always referred to as being filled with the Spirit and being full of wisdom.

He cited Acts 6:1–10 to say that believers should not abdicate their connection to the Holy Spirit to concentrate on what they would get. “We can’t lose concentration of what brought us into this increase and get overwhelmed by worldly cares. We should be constantly filled with the Holy Spirit,” he said.

He continued, “The influence of the Holy Spirit is a big deal. We should turn over our problem to Jesus.”

He further stated that to remain filled with the Holy Spirit, there is a need for confession of God’s word and constant prayer, both in the Spirit and in one’s understanding.



Pastor Taiwo Odukoya @ Thursday Showers

Pastor Taiwo Odukoya, during his message at the March 23 Thursday Showers service, stated that believers have great promises in the Bible, especially the New Covenant, but quite a number of believers don’t utilise those promises. According to him, such believers just gloss over the promises.

Citing Psalm 1, the clergy urged his listeners to be watchful of the company they keep, as well as to openly declare who God is to them and to always proclaim it publicly, adding that the easiest way to do it is by the Holy Spirit.

“We have great promises in the Bible; the New Testament is based on better promises and a better covenant. We read these words and somehow just gloss over them. I just want to remind us of Psalm 1. The first word is blessed; so watch your company,” he said.

He continued, “You know the worst thing any Christian can do—you are comfortable where people are scoffing about the most important thing in your life—Jesus Christ. Get out of that place; that is not your space.”

Pastor Taiwo also advised the congregation to watch their company,

While sharing from Romans 8, Pastor Taiwo Odukoya said, “If you don’t have the fear of God in you, you are not a Christian.”

He noted that when a believer does not hand himself over to the Holy Spirit, he walks on the wrong track. He said, “He is the teacher; He will remind you of things that He has taught you before; you can’t live with the Holy Ghost and be a failure… No matter what you are crying and begging God for, He will give it to you through the Holy Spirit; otherwise, you will never get it.”

He also shared from Psalms 138:1 while looking at the life of David and how he spoke personally to God.

According to Pastor Taiwo Odukoya, a believer’s life should be based on Christ and not be defined by failures. “You are no longer defined by your past mistakes, failures, or limitations. You have a new identity and purpose that is rooted in Christ,” he said.

He stated that the Holy Spirit is a constant help that empowers the believer to live a fulfilled life in Christ. He said, “When you are in Christ, you are living a hybrid life. As you embrace your hybrid life in Him, you experience a deep sense of freedom and fulfilment that cannot be found anywhere else.”

He further added, “The Holy Spirit is your constant companion in this journey, guiding and empowering you to live a life that honours God and blesses others.”