Pastor Taiwo @ Sunday Service
Reading from the Book of Matthew 6:5-34, Pastor Taiwo at the October 1 Sunday service, reminded the church on the importance of prayer, especially in the life of a Christian. According to him, prayer goes beyond asking for the ephemeral things or creating a public awareness to one’s prowess at praying but coming to God with reverence, acknowledgement of His sovereignty and worship. “When Jesus taught us how to pray the Lord’s Prayer, He started with reverence and worship. So your love for God must take priority when you pray,” he said.
He further noted that in fulfilling one’s assignment in life, there would be oppositions and threats. This is where prayer is essential because it allows one go back to God who has given one that assignment as admonished in John 14:12-13. This would give victory just as it happened with the disciples when they were faced with threats while fulfilling their assignment. “Once you start walking in the place of your assignment, you’d face all sorts of attacks from the devil. But prayer is the key to overcoming such attacks,” he said.
He therefore enjoined the congregation not to neglect the importance of the Holy Spirit while praying because He helps them pray effectively. “The Holy Spirit is your helper and if He is in you, you can never be a slave to the devil,” he said.Bottom of Form
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Pastor Taiwo @ Thursday Showers
Pastor Taiwo at the September 28 Thursday showers said that the Holy Spirit is always standing by and ready to help believers if they allow Him. According to him, if the Holy Spirit is shunned and silenced, He would keep quiet even though He is still standing by. “He will never leave you. He is always ready to help you; but you need to allow Him,” he said.
Speaking from 1 Corinthians 6:16-19- 7:1, pastor said that no matter how far one has gone with the tricks of the devil, once such a person can come to his or her senses and asks for the help of the Holy Spirit, He will step in immediately. “You are a victor, not a victim. Just ask the Holy Spirit to help you,” he stated.
Pastor Taiwo further noted that, the Holy Spirit can be resisted, shunned or grieved. This, he said, happens when a believer continuously disobeys His help, advice and instructions. He therefore urged every believer to desist from such negative actions because it is not healthy for them in the journey of life. “Don’t believe the lies of the devil to resist the help of the Holy Spirit no matter what you are going through. Ask and allow Him help you,” he said.