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Pastor Akin Osinbajo @ Sunday First Service
According to pastor Akin Osinbajo who ministered to the congregation at the August 11 Sunday first service, God’s children always ought to know that God is real and His promises are ever sure, noting that His realness should not be based on their circumstances but His nature as a covenant keeping God who has many benefits for His children.
Speaking from Psalm 91; Romans 8:14 & 25; and 1 John 3:1-3, Pastor Osinbajo said that God’s benefits to His children include protection, guidance, and living a victorious life. He also noted that one of the ways to keep remembering God’s nature is by revisiting every word of prophecy that has been spoken to them via His word and which has been declared through the set man of the house, Pastor Taiwo Odukoya. “Those words of prophecy are not for jokes. When God is behind His prophet, His word doesn’t fall to ground,” he noted.
Pastor Osinbajo then enjoined the congregation to remember the promises of God over their lives and to hold on to them faithfully. This, he said, would be achieved by being prayerful and full of praise.

Pastor Kunle Osunkunle @ Sunday Second Service
Pastor Kunle Osunkunle has admonished believers to grow daily in the word of God and stop deceiving themselves. He said this while ministering at the August 11 Sunday second service. According to him, a number of Christians deceive themselves by neglecting the word of God thereby allowing the world to corrupt them. “When your heart is corrupted, it has implications on the quality of your Christian life. You will begin to think and act like the world,” he said.
Speaking from James 1:19-26 and Ephesians 4:14-15, Pastor Osunkunle said that the church is not a club but rather a place of transformation where one’s old ways of living changes for the new. This, he said, requires the believer to also invest his or her time in dwelling on the word of God that can make this transformation possible and easy. “You need to make the word of God the greatest influence of your life and not the world system,” he said.
He also noted that the more of the word of God believers are able to take into their heart would determine their level of obedience to Him which would also lead to their miracles. “You need to deny the world the power to corrupt you by deliberately dwelling in the word of God because the world’s budget for sin is more than the budget for righteousness,” he said.
He therefore urged them to be friendly with the word of God which will make them grow and strengthen them to stand against the counsel of the world.

Pastor Abisoye Okwoli @Thursday Showers
One vital work of the Holy Spirit in a life of a believer is to make him or her to be more like Christ and not just to give them miracles. Believers should not place the essence of their relationship with Christ on the premise of the miracles they desire but knowing Him deeper thereby bearing fruits as admonished in the scriptures. Pastor Abisoye Okwoli said this at the August 8 Thursday Showers service. “He’s is not in your life to have power to make wealth alone but to make you become more like Christ and make your character be more like His,” she said.
Speaking from John 15:1, Galatians 5:22, and Luke 10:6, she noted that the Holy Spirit is a Seed that has been deposited inside of every believer and the more value they give Him to grow, the more He becomes evident in their lives that people would see and call them Christians. “The fruit of the Spirit is more important than anything. That’s the life God is calling us to; that is when it will be easy to flow with the gift of the Spirit. You become more like Christ by bearing fruits because by their fruits we shall know them,” she said.
Pastor Bisoye Okwoli therefore urged everyone to bear fruit daily as that would also make them overcomers over some battles. In her words, “You won’t have to fight some battles if you practice and exhibit the fruit of the Spirit. God has not forsaken you, He is just waiting for you to develop the character. If you have His heart, you will have His hand. He wants your life to reflect the Jesus that you claim.”