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Pastor Taiwo @ Sunday Service
“There is nothing you have that you have not been given by God.” These were the words of Pastor Taiwo Odukoya to the congregation at the October 15 Sunday service. Teaching from the parable of the talents as recorded in the Books of Matthew 25:14-30 and Luke 19:12-27, Pastor Taiwo said that the parable explains how the kingdom of God operates; and for anyone to get the best from God, they must use the same principles in life. “It is very important to pay close attention to every Word in the Bible because it lays down the principle on how to operate,” he said.
Pastor went ahead to say that God has given gifts to all believers according to their abilities and that those gifts must be deployed, put to use, traded with till the last day.
In addition he also admonished the Church to cultivate a good attitude to life because it is a major secret to success.
Pastor Taiwo Odukoya concluded by saying this “At the end of the day it is not what you have acquired, but how many lives you have impacted with your gift.”
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Believers have been reminded that the reason some Christians ask and sometimes do not receive is because they do not truly know what they want or they don’t ask sincerely. “If what you are asking for is in line with God’s desire for you, He will answer, change it or He will delay. But if what you are asking for is not in line with His will, He may never answer at all.” Pastor Taiwo Odukoya said this at the October 12 Thursday Showers service as he shared from the Books of Matthew 7:7-12 and Luke 11:9-13.
He said when Christians pray for anything, it should be for something that would align their lives with the will of the Father.
He therefore encouraged worshippers to constantly engage the help of the Holy Spirit in every area of their lives. Even when they don’t know what to say, they should call on the Holy Spirit, who strengthens, helps comforts and gives grace, wisdom and peace.