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Pastor Taiwo @Sunday Service

Pastor Taiwo Odukoya has once again emphasized the power of praying with faith, describing it as a game changer capable of crushing every mountain facing believers.

The Senior Pastor of The Fountain of Life Church made the remark at the July 4th Sunday service. He took his Bible passage from Mark 11:14, 15 and 24, and noted that Christians can surmount issues in their lives by constantly praying in faith and declaring God’s world over any difficulty.

“If you say and have no doubt but believe what you say, you will have it,” the cleric said, citing Jesus’ cursing of the fig tree as mentioned in Mark 11: 21.

The Senior Pastor explained that power is released when believers speak the word of God in faith, advising them to cultivate the attitude of prayer especially in challenging times.

“Whatever you bind on earth is bound in heaven. Whatever you lose, is released in heaven,” he stated in reference to Mathew 18:18.

The preacher who equally cited the story of Lazarus’s resurrection and the feeding of the five thousand, admonished the worshippers to emulate Jesus Christ who put prayer and faith as the cornerstones of His ministry while on earth.

“On two occasions we were told that before He did miracles, He prayed! That was the way Jesus did it,” he noted in the message he titled “Prayer and Faith.”

While admitting that many Christians shortchange themselves by not taking advantage of the power of praying in faith, the cleric warned that such a situation may give room for challenges to fester.

Cultivating the boldness to declare God’s word over any issue, the clergyman told the congregants, is keying to the will of God for mankind.
“Because your speaking will produce results,” he added.


Pastor Taiwo @ Thursday Showers

When you speak the Word of God with the backing and in-filling of the Holy Ghost, the physical moves. It is not possible to be filled with the Holy Spirit and speak something other than God’s word.
These were the words of Pastor Taiwo Odukoya at the July 1st Thursday Showers Service. The Senior Pastor of The Fountain of Life Church addressing both his online and on-site listeners on Speaking the Word with Boldness took his opening scripture from the Book of Acts 4:31-36.
He explained that the Apostles where being threatened by the authorities (the law of the land) because they were drawing more attention to themselves through the miracles they worked and souls they brought into the Kingdom. Yet, in spite of this, because they prayed and where filled with the Holy Ghost, they couldn’t be stopped; they still spoke the Word even with boldness.
He explained that every miracle worked through the Apostles can be traced back to them always praying. However, many believers today rather desire the miracles than pray. “A lot of people don’t want to pray, they just want to the miracles, but God enjoys your prayers,” he said.
The Creator also prayed. While on earth, Jesus prayed; while on earth He was filled with the Holy Ghost and even spoke the Word with boldness and things moved.
He noted that everything God created and changed came through the process of the Word. “When Jesus spoke to the fig tree, He spoke with boldness.” This, he said, is how every believer should speak. Because the apostles spoke the word of God with boldness, there were lots miracles, signs and wonders done through them (see Acts 5:12-17) He explained that in spite of what a believer may be passing through, he or she must maintain their profession and declaration of God’s word. “Even when you are being trampled on the head, speak the Word that says you are the head; because stepping on your head does not determine who you are, it is what God says,” he said.
He reminded the listeners that the devil will always fight God’s children and try to stop them, but as children of God full of the Holy Spirit, they must speak the Word of God with boldness no matter the circumstance.