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Taking the promise for the week in 1 Samuel 12:22, Pastor Nomthi at the November 25 Sunday service reminded the congregation that God created them for a purpose because He loves them and would never forget or abandon them. “A man can impregnate a woman and not be pleased at the thought of becoming a father, but God is pleased to be called your Father and you are His child,” she stated.

She assured those who might be feeling they had been forgotten by God that the promise for the week is a reminder from God that He would l never forget, forsake nor leave them. “Whether we know it or not, God is always there and He is pleased that you are His own,” she said.


Pastor Nomthi Odukoya at the November 22 Thursday Showers Service charged the congregation on the importance of being steadfast in their faith and being spiritually alert in Christ. Narrating the story in Acts 20:7-12 of a young man named Eutychus who slept and fell to his death from the window whilst Paul was preaching, she focused on Paul’s affirmative words in the situation “…Do not trouble yourselves; for life is in him,” whilst prophesying same into every dead situation amongst God’s children.

Explaining why the boy must have slept on the window while Paul was preaching as a lukewarm attitude, she expressed God’s displeasure at such an attitude, especially if exhibited by believers, adding that it will always pull any Christian back into the world.

She went on to explain the essence of the many lights present in the upper room as protection and wisdom, urging Christians not to neglect the light inside of them which has been deposited through God’s Word. She posited that light exists only in Jesus Christ and that believers need to be conscious of this light in them.

Pastor Nomthi pointed to tiredness, lack of faith and devil’s attack as causes of spiritual lukewarmness, adding that prayers, offering of a helping hand, gifting a smile and staying away from self-centeredness are some of the things that help to remain spiritually hot.