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Speaking on the theme of the year Covenant Realities, Pastor Nomthi at the January 4 Thursday Showers and anointing service said that when God comes through for His children, people are usually amazed, just as the people were amazed when the disciples were speaking in other tongues as recorded in Acts 2:12-13. “You are a mystery, and so anything you do is a mystery to the world,” she stated.

According to her, every child of God is a mystery to the world because of the Spirit of excellence that dwells in them; so whatever they do always brings amazement. This is why, according to her, a believer must not be selfish, because God’s blessings on them are to be spread to others so as to further win souls into the Kingdom. “When they hear about your blessings, they will be amazed and glorify God,” she said.
She then urged them not to be selfish with the blessings of God on their lives but to be a blessing to others. “Your life is a wonder, so don’t pay attention to distraction. Focus on God and affect others positively,” she enjoined.

Admonishing the congregation at the January 7 Sunday service from the promise of the week in 1 Thessalonians 5:24, Pastor Nomthi said that God is faithful and will bring to pass whatever promise He has made to them.
Using the thief on the cross with Jesus who believed He could grant him a place in paradise as an illustration, she said that nothing is impossible for those who believe. “No matter how bad the situation may be, just believe that God can do it and He will do it for you just as the thief got his request met by Jesus in his dying moments,” she said.
She then urged them to always thank God in anticipation of what He will do and He will indeed do it.