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Admonishing the congregation from the promise of the week which is in Psalm 91:3-4, Pastor Nomthi at the January 29 Sunday service said that God is always mindful of their well-being and always watches out for them, just like a chicken protects her chicks from hawks. In her words, “If a hen can see to the protection of her chicks and covers them with her feathers to protect them from harm, how much more will your heavenly Father see to your protection and make sure you don’t get harmed?”
Believers, she said, need to be bold to confront the devil and his cohorts irrespective of their threats. This is because God will always keep them safe and protected. “You are kept safe in His hands and He will make sure no harm comes near you because He is the Creator of the universe,” she said.
She noted that full protection can only be guaranteed when one continually stays under God’s wings of protection. Moving outside His will and arms, she said, will lead to harm. “Don’t go away from His presence because His presence is where you get protection,” she stated.