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Dwelling on the promise for the week in Amos 9:13, Pastor Nomthi at the February 19 Sunday service said that God’s miracles are always jaw-dropping and unexplainable to humans. And when such miracles are wrought in a life, such automatically becomes amazing and sweet. “God will bring sweetness out of every difficult situation so much so that everything sweet will flow your way and your middle name will become ‘Sweet,’” she said.
She noted that miracles are usually God’s intervention when man’s efforts have failed, adding that faith is the channel for receiving His miracles. “God’s miracle will launch you from obscurity to the limelight,” she stated.
She therefore urged them to always believe God’s Word as that is the assurance of its fulfillment if they do not faint. “God is doing new things for us by opening new doors; the whole world will hear about it and glorify Him on our behalf,” she said.