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Pastor Nomthi has encouraged all believers never to lose hope in God as He will surely accomplish every of His promise to them. She said this at the June 21 Thursday showers while exhorting the worshippers from Philippians 1:3-6. According to her, God is a faithful God who will complete whatever work He starts in the lives of His own. “He began that good work going on in your life and He will finish it; He will not leave you. Just trust and obey Him,” she said.

She likened believers who avoid challenges or who easily give up on God over situations to students who avoid exams in school or who walk out without attempting any question. Such attitude, according to her, demonstrates unbelief or doubt In God and in the divine victory embedded in them.

She therefore urged them to always trust God to come through for them in life. “Believe that God is in control of your life. He’s a perfect God and He loves you. So, attempt what life is giving you like an exam. Whatever question comes your way, attempt it and if you can’t finish it, ask Him for answers to your questions and He’ll give you.”