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Rev Funke Felix-Adejumo @Sunday First Service
It was another awesome experience for the congregation at the February 11 Sunday first service when the guest preacher, Rev Funke Felix-Adejumo of the Agape Christian Ministries, Akure took the pulpit. In her sermon, she said that God never makes mistakes, so believers should not give up on Him or write themselves off because of their seeming negative circumstances. “There is process with life, so don’t give up or write yourself off. God comes late when He wants to come big,” she said.
Speaking from Proverbs 4:18, Hebrews 11:39-40 and Luke 7:11-16, she said that the path of the righteous keeps shinning brighter until the perfect day because fruitfulness and forwardness were the thoughts of God when He created man, and this is more so for those who believe in Him. According to her, irrespective of the wind that has blown in a believer’s life, there is remedy with God; hence believers should always run to Him and never give up.
She warned all against walking with negative minded people but to rather be positive minded, and give both their substance and thanks to God. “You smell like the company you keep, so be careful,” she cautioned.


Bishop Felix-Adejumo @Sunday Second Service
Ministering in the second service on Sunday February 11 was Bishop Felix Adejumo. The Presiding Bishop of the Agape Christian Ministries in Akure admonished the church on the need to be rightly connected to the true Vine in order to bear much fruit. According to him, bearing fruits ought to be effortless for a believer. “Fruit bearing is a function of who you are connected to. Once you are connected properly, you will bear fruits,” he said.
Speaking from Psalm 1:1-3, John 15:4-5 and 1 Chronicles 12:16-18;21-22, he said that the prosperity of a Christian is rooted in his or foundation in God just as the life of a tree is tied to the nutrients from its foundation. According to him, connection is by revelation and not by likeness. A believer’s relationship with God, he said, determines greatly his or her fruitfulness. “If you pursue God, other things will pursue you,” he stated.
He highlighted seven types of people that enhance the believer’s fruitfulness. According to him, once a believer is divinely connected to destiny organizers (Genesis 31:33-39), destiny enhancers (Esther 10:1-3), destiny amplifiers, destiny fine-tuners, destiny collaborators, destiny calmers, and destiny restorers (2 kings 8:5-6), he or she will definitely flourish and prosper. “Watch who you are connected with because they determine your future,” he enjoined.
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Pastor Taiwo @Thursday Showers
It is the blood of Jesus that gave every believer the access to God and to be in a covenant relationship with Him. The moment you entered into a covenant with God Almighty by being born again, He gives you a new heart, puts a new spirit within you and removes the stony heart from you so that you can walk in His way. Pastor Taiwo said this at the February 8 Thursday Showers service.
Speaking from Ezekiel 11:14-20, he said that the spirit and the flesh are always at war, and this sometimes causes man to get distracted from doing God’s will. However, when one hands over his or her life to Christ, such a person enters into a divine covenant with Him and He in turn makes him or her complete in every good work and in doing what is well-pleasing to Him. “God can only work in your life when you allow Him because He respects man’s will; He never forces man to do anything,” he said.
He encouraged all to always take God at His word and assured them of victory as long as they remain conscious of God’s light in them irrespective of their situations. “Keep trusting God. You cannot fail, when you believe the word of God. Speak the word and you will be victorious. That is what the covenant is all about,” he stated.