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Pastor Taiwo @ Sunday Second Service
In continuation of the message he started the previous Thursday, Pastor Taiwo at the June 18 Sunday services said that faith is required for believers to access the open door which God has already set before them. According to him, fear and negative thoughts would come to suggest otherwise to God’s children about His promise but their faith and repeated confession will bring them to their expected end. “The door is opened, so you are unstoppable. But you still have to be strong and be of good courage in spite of what you are seeing or going through so as to get the desired results. So, don’t joke with the word of God; hold on to it, believe it and confess it repeatedly,” he said.
Speaking from Revelation 3:7-9, Joshua 1:1-8, Hebrew 11:3-6, and Acts 14:7, he noted that this faith is in the finished work of Christ and it comes by hearing the word of God. This, he said, helps believers to deal with any challenge or issues of life. According to him, what believers allow themselves to hear will determine their thoughts and invariably their declarations. “You have a lot to gain if you repeatedly speak God’s word over your situation,” he stated.
He then urged everyone to always focus on God and His word and neglect the devil and his distractions. This, according to him, will make them receive the full blessings of God.
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Pastor Taiwo @ Thursday Showers
It was an electrifying service at the June 15 Thursday Showers as worshippers rejoiced with Pastor Taiwo Odukoya on his birthday. In his message for the day, he stated that there are no impossibilities for any believer who will be bold to declare God’s words over his or her situation with the His kind of faith. According to him, life and death are in the power of tongue; so, confessing God’s promise repeatedly will definitely bring forth manifestation. “Instead of lamenting over what you don’t have, start confessing and declaring your heart’s desire with faith,” he said.
Speaking from Mark 11:20-26 and using David’s encounter with Goliath in 1 Samuel 17:26-37 as an illustration, he said that the miraculous is birthed when faith in God is combined with repeated declaration of His promise even when it has not materialised, just as David kept declaring his victory over Goliath, irrespective of his stature, and he got the victory. “If you can believe it and continuously say it, you will have it,” he stated.
He enjoined everyone to stop throwing pity parties and singing the devil’s songs of negativity as that will not yield any positive result. In his words, “It is not the people’s pity party you need, it is God’s favour. The moment you start to believe and declare it, you will start seeing results.”