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Pastor Taiwo Odukoya @Sunday service

Using the account of the axe head that fell into the river as Prophet Elisha’s servants were cutting trees to make a bigger tent as recorded in 2 Kings 6:1-7 as illustration, Pastor Taiwo at the May 19 Sunday service said that challenges always arise at the point of expansion or increase. According to him, there wouldn’t be problems if there is no expansion. “It is at the point of increase that troubles arise,” he said.

Corroborating it with Acts 6:1, Pastor Taiwo said that the devil wouldn’t come after a believer if there is nothing to steal, kill or destroy from him or her. But God, he noted, is and will always be ready to save His own and make them expand. “You don’t need to despair when the devil is after you. Rather, rise up in joy because your increase has come,” he said.

He then implored the congregation to keep their gaze on Jesus Christ for therein lies their restoration and increase. “It doesn’t matter what you’ve lost of what is hindering your increase in life, there is going to be a recovery for you in Jesus’ name,” he said.



Pastor Oyinda Soderu @ Thursday showers

Pastor Oyinda Soderu has urged believers to wake up and begin to show the proof of being Christians for the world to see and believe in the power of Christ. She said this at the May 16 Thursday showers while sharing her mediations with the worshippers. Many believers, according to her, are not even bold to evangelise because they have no proofs.

Speaking from Joel 2:25-28, she said that one of the strategies of the devil is to keep believers busy from living like Christ and proving the power therein. Sometimes, there is a disconnection from God because some believers are too busy being in fashion of being tagged a Christian without manifesting the power thereof. “Those who would manifest these things are proof producers,” she stated.

Pastor Oyinda further said that believers in Christ should have a vision, guard that vision jealously, and to always note in their minds if they are living like God wants them to.

She therefore urged them from Proverbs 20:12 to always listen to God because the noise will never allow them focus on what God is saying concerning them. “Covenant people have a different heart. Don’t lose the vision and the word over your life. Don’t even question its legitimacy,” she said.

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