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Pastor Femi Odumabo @ Sunday first service

Pastor Femi Odumabo told the congregation at the January 19 Sunday first service that God’s presence is vital for the realization and manifestation of a believer’s desire and request. According to him, prosperity is guaranteed for believers when they acknowledge God’s presence and listen to Him just as Isaac had God’s presence with him and he obeyed His instructions in Genesis 26:1-6 and vs 12.

Speaking from the Book of Exodus 33:13, Pastor Odumabo said that God’s presence assures rest, comfort, peace and favour, noting that believers need not be anxious as anxiety is a form of war which can’t be won. This, he said, is because it drives them away from where the presence of the Lord can find them. “As human beings, we will all have issues but the presence of God will lead you to where your blessings are. Anxiety is useless and hopeless. Do not ever entertain them,” he said.

He therefore urged them to be still before the Lord because that will lead them into the fulfillment of their promise. “God’s presence will rewrite your elevation, promotion, and progress. Just be calm before Him,” he urged.



Pastor Eloho Agbaje @ Sunday second service

For every promise of God, believers also have a role to play which is to believe and wait patiently on Him for the fulfillment of His promise. Pastor Eloho Agbaje said this at the second service of the January 19 Sunday service. According to her, many believers don’t fully experience the fulfillment of God’s promise because their initial excitement at reception of the promise fades out during the waiting period. This, she said, would then lead to doubt and loss of hope.

Speaking from Psalm 43:1-3, she told the congregation that for them to sing a new song, they require faith and believe in God. In her words, “Only an enduring belief and confidence in the One who promises can sustain you and keep you dancing and rejoicing irrespective of whether you receive your answer now or later.”

She further mentioned that expectation, heart of gratitude, confidence, and obedience to God’s words and instructions are key signs to knowing one who truly believes God for His promise. “When you trust God and believe in Him, you will expect that promise with gratitude, confidence and obedience to His instructions no matter how late He seems,” she said.

She then encouraged them to spend more time with God’s word, confess it, pray constantly, be conscious of the Holy Spirit and protect their hearts against distractions and noise. This, she said, will help them hold on till God comes through for them.



Pastor Tosin Sowemimo @ Thursday showers

While ministering from Psalms 40:1-3 at the January 16 Thursday Showers, Pastor Tosin Sowemimo explained to the congregation that God’s desire for them in the new year is a call to worship, noting that God wants to hear their songs in various expressions such as hymns, singing in tongues, praising Him in our various dialects, etc. “Whether we feel like it or not, God desires a sacrificial praise from the depth of our hearts, which will give Him pleasure,” she said.

In addition, she laid emphasis on the need to sing God new songs every day, for in doing so lies the manifestation of God’s presence in their situations and circumstances.

She concluded the message by giving worshippers the permission to praise God in different songs.

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