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Fighting From Victory


Pastor Jimmy Odukoya @ Sunday service

In continuation of his message on Supernatural Victory, which he started the previous Thursday, Pastor Jimmy Odukoya said during his message at the July 7 Sunday service that there cannot be victory without battles, adding that victory is applied in warfare and denotes success in battle. The senior pastor further stated that many people like the victory but don’t want to engage in the battle.

Speaking from the theme scripture, Psalm 20:6-7, the senior pastor said that supernatural victory connotes that believers are in a battle that cannot be fought by their strength, mind, or ability because it is an impossible battle where the odds are stacked against them. He added, however, that victory is certain for them because they are the anointed of God. He said, “So, one thing you just accept is that there will be a fight. Life is a battle, even for those who are saved. So, in this month of supernatural victory, you will face battles. But in spite of the battles you face, you will come out victorious.”

Speaking from Ephesians 6:12–13, 2 Corinthians 10:3-5, and John 16:33, the clergy emphasised that as believers, they are destined to face battles, adding that this is an integral part of their Christian journey. He continued to say that there will be contention, not only against physical contenders but also against spiritual contenders, but that they will experience supernatural victory because they fight from the vantage point of an already settled victory and not for victory. “The moment you become a Christian, you become a target. But don’t be disturbed or shaken because you are inside the Rock that cannot fail, so no weapon formed against you shall prosper,” he said.

Pastor Jimmy was quick to tell his listeners that they cannot win the battles of life by their strength, but by remaining in Christ, the giver of victory. He reminded them from Leviticus 1:9 and 1 Samuel 13:8–13 that they must be in Christ and look to Him if they want to access the victory He has given them.

“There is no victory without battle. Sometimes, the battles will come when it is not convenient. Sometimes, Pastors’ phone will not go through, so if the only way you know how to reach God is through pastors, you are in trouble,” he said.

Earlier in the service, Pastor Toluwani Odukoya, while taking the promise for the week from the book of Malachai 3:12, told the congregation that the promise of God comes with instructions, adding that when they do what He has asked them to do, He will bless them. She noted that there are so many blessings attached to obeying God’s instructions. She therefore prayed for them to receive the grace to obey God for them to receive His promise.

The full messages are available on the Church’s YouTube Channel, Fountain TV, and Jimmy Odukoya YouTube Channel. The audio messages can be accessed on SoundCloud, Google Podcast, Spotify, and Apple Podcast.



Pastor Jimmy Odukoya @ Thursday showers

Pastor Jimmy Odukoya, during his message at the July 4 Thursday showers, explained the concept of believers being the anointed of the Lord, thereby having victory as their default setting.

According to Psalm 20:6 and Psalm 2:5-7, the senior pastor told the worshippers that they become the anointed of God at salvation, and this status confers victory on them. In his words, “When He redeemed us and washed us with His precious blood, we were made kings and priests. That means that the moment you were redeemed, everlasting oil fell on your head, and this oil cannot run dry. So when He says He gives victory to His anointed, He’s talking about you. So, if you are His anointed, what He gives to you is victory.”

Pastor Jimmy continued by saying that believers need to understand the status conferred on them by God in order to benefit from it. He said, “You cannot sit at the right hand of God and Jesus and not have victory. Victory must be your default setting as a child of God. But if you do not know it, it is useless. If you don’t know it, you won’t expect it. If you don’t expect it, you won’t walk in it. If you don’t walk in it, you won’t act like it.”

He continued, “Having the understanding and believing in the sacrificial work of Christ, which confers on you the status of the anointed, is vital to receiving the victory promised. You can shut all of it down with doubt, not because it is not there but because you don’t believe.”

Also speaking from Ephesians 1:19–21 and Ephesians 2:6-7, the clergy explained in detail the suffering, crucifixion, and resurrection of Christ that bring victory to believers, adding that this victory doesn’t come from works but is tied to grace. “You cannot strategize this victory; it is tied to His grace and mercy. You are seated with Him and reigning with him. So if they cannot unseat Jesus, they cannot unseat you. If Jesus cannot be defeated, you cannot be defeated,” he said.

He therefore urged believers to constantly remain in Christ and not unseat themselves by listening to the distractions and confusion of the devil. “The devil knows that you are in Christ, so he knows he can’t remove you. But he will give you the power of suggestions, so you, by yourself, can walk away from your seat, which will now make you vulnerable and penetrable. But as long as you remain seated with Christ, you remain impenetrable,” he said.

The full messages are available on the Church’s YouTube Channel, Fountain TV, and Jimmy Odukoya YouTube Channel. The audio messages can be accessed on SoundCloud, Google Podcast, Spotify, and Apple Podcast.

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