Pastor Taiwo Odukoya @ Sunday services
The third Sunday in June has been set as the international Father’s Day celebration. The
Fountain of Life Church therefore joined the world in celebrating all fathers at the June 19
Sunday service as well as celebrating the senior pastor of the church, Pastor Taiwo Odukoya,
whose birthday was on Wednesday, June 15, 2022.
While encouraging the congregation from Psalm 37:34, which was the promise for the week,
Mr. Seyi Sowemimo said that the righteous should not act in their own defense, lash out or take
revenge in haste, but should depend on the Lord for victory and watch Him fight for them.
Keeping the way of the Lord is walking in the path that the Lord commands, he said.
He then urged them to ask God to grant them the grace to be patient for the instruction of the
Father so that they could get that which He had promised them.
While delivering the message for the day, the senior pastor said that fathers need to be
celebrated because there is a tendency to forget that fathers too have needs. We have to
celebrate fathers. They need to be encouraged that they are appreciated; that is what Father’s
Day serves to do, he said.
Speaking from Ephesians 5:15–25 and 6:1-4, the clergy noted that a man’s life is made for
sharing much more than a woman’s life, thus the command to love his wife as Christ loves the
church. He acknowledged that this can be difficult, hence the reason they should be filled with
the Holy Spirit. The love Christ has for the church is more than the eros type of love. It is the
Agape love that loves the unlovable, he said.
He continued, The way you value and treat your wife is the way the world will treat her.
The man of God went on to say that the office of fatherhood carries so many responsibilities
that God will always demand accountability from the man when it comes to his family.
He then admonished that believers generally ought to know their identity in Christ. He said this
can be done when they are filled with the Holy Spirit and remain in Christ. It’s easy to get lost
in this world we are now but don’t get carried away. Know who you are in Christ, he said.


Pastor Taiwo Odukoya @ Thursday Showers
The joy exuded at the June 16 Thursday Showers was palpable, with shouts of joy filling the air
in thanksgiving to God for all He has done, particularly in the life of the Fountain of Life Church's
Senior Pastor, Pastor Taiwo Odukoya, who turned 66 the previous day, Wednesday June 15.
In the mood of thanksgiving, Pastor Taiwo, who acknowledged that everlasting is not enough to
praise God, gave room for more testifiers to share God’s faithfulness and miraculous
intervention in their lives, after which there was another round of worship and praise session to
appreciate God.
In his short exhortation from Psalm 103:1–5, the clergy said that believers ought to always
praise God, noting that such praise should come from a self-motivated angle, as David
motivated himself to praise the Lord. According to him, believers should not be caught in the
web of always complaining but rather praise God from their soul irrespective of pursuits or
In his words, Man has the tendency to forget God’s goodness and concentrate on challenges,
and truly, sometimes things don’t look like they’re worth thanking God for. But thank Him
because it takes only the living to even complain. The dead don’t know what is happening. So
bless the Lord.
Pastor Taiwo also noted that praising God from one’s soul is a heartfelt thanksgiving, adding
that there is nothing that should stop a believer from giving thanks to God. Stop defining God
by the things you don’t have or by your challenges; define God by the totality of who He is, he
The clergy went further to enumerate the various goodnesses of God in the life of a believer, as
explained in Psalm 103:1-6, and concluded by urging his listeners never to stop praising God
because those who understand God’s goodness never joke with His praise. If I was to go on a
sabbatical for one year just to praise God, it’s still not enough, he noted.