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Pastor Taiwo @ Sunday Service
In continuation of the message he started the previous Thursday, Pastor Taiwo at the Sunday service of October 14 said that the relationship a believer has with God becomes ineffectual if there is no fellowship, and this will affect the authority given to such a believer in Christ. “You have been created for influence and that is only possible in a covenant relationship and in the place of fellowship,” he said.
Speaking from 1 John 1:1-7, he said that fellowshipping with God means walking in the light, and when a believers does this, it will be difficult for such to be distracted. Broken fellowship, according to Pastor Taiwo, would drag a believer into ineffectiveness. This, he said, is because it gives the devil an opportunity to rob believers of their confidence in exercising their authority. “You have a covenant with God and that gives you the authority to command and get results,” he stated.
He therefore urged them not to joke with the authority they have in Christ but to keep abiding in Christ and fellowshipping with Him. This, he said, will enable them possess their possessions.

Pastor Taiwo @ Thursday Showers
Pastor at the October 11 Thursday Showers service said that believers would be able to possess their possessions when they come to the understanding that they have authority in Christ Jesus through the covenant they have with Him. “Your understanding determines your output in life,” he said.
Speaking from Romans 5:17 and John 10:22-31, he said that those who believe in Christ are one with Him and so should be able to get things done in His name. According to him, believers are unstoppable if they know their right and utilize it. “Without Him, you can do nothing; but with Him, you can do all things,” he stated.
He then urged all never to downplay their authority in Christ, which they received at salvation.
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