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Circle of Legacy Builders


FOUNDATIONAL BUILDER: Foundational Builders are the cornerstone of our partnership, representing unwavering support and commitment. Their contributions, ranging from $10 to $49, £10 to £49, or N10,000 to N49,000 monthly, lay the groundwork for the success of our shared endeavours. By becoming a Foundational Builder, individuals showcase their dedication to the fundamental values and goals that underpin our collaborative efforts.

PILLAR BUILDER: Pillar Builders form the resilient support structure that elevates our collaboration to new heights. Their contributions, spanning from $50 to $349, £50 to £349, or N50,000 to N349,000 monthly, signify a deeper level of commitment, fortifying our shared vision. As Pillar Builders, individuals make a substantial impact, providing the essential backing that enables us to reach ambitious milestones. Their support acts as a pillar, upholding the collective success of our partnership.

VISIONARY BUILDER: Visionary Builders embody the spirit of foresight and belief in the church’s vision and future. Their visionary contributions, starting from $350, £350, or N350,000 and above, are instrumental in propelling us toward unparalleled achievements. As Visionary Builders, individuals play a pivotal role in shaping the destiny of our partnership. Specifics regarding exclusive benefits and opportunities for Visionary Builders will be shared with those who aspire to make such visionary contributions.

Our partnership thrives through the diverse contributions of individuals at each tier. Together, we build a collaborative foundation that empowers us to make a meaningful impact. We express our gratitude to Foundational Builders, Pillar Builders, and the anticipation of those aspiring to become Visionary Builders.


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