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Pastor Okpaise @ Sunday first service
May 8 Sunday service was a special day of celebration for members of the Fountain of Life Church especially as it was an international celebration day for all mothers. Sharing the promise for the week, Proverbs 31:28, Pastor Kunle Osunkunle said that every woman and mother is blessed, because of the investments, the many blessings and seeds sown into the lives of their children. He then asked every man sitting beside his wife to appreciate and praise her, speak positive things into her life and praise her. He encouraged it should be an everyday practice and should not end here because as she goes out, she is the crown of the husband.
Pastor Rotimi Okpaise, who gave the word of exhortation, said the world all over is in a time of great chaos with different effects on different people. He said this to note that in the midst of all the negative events happening in the world, believers should only believe and continue to pray; stating that God is still good and doing well in the lives of those who believe in Him. “God has asked me to bring this message of hope to you. if only you can believe and pray, for He will not leave mor forsake His own as His love towards you is unconditional, no matter what He does or not,” he said.
Taking his opening text from Daniel 10:10, he said that God expects believers to stand upright in spite of whatever they might be going through. Speaking on believing, the clergy cited Ephesians 6:10, to state that chaos are inevitable but one needs to be focused. Also reading from Psalms 1:2-3, Pastor Rotimi said that believers’ gaze should be on the word which is able to yield great results in the end.
While talking on prayer, Pastor Okpaise told his listeners that prayer is inevitable in the life of a believer who wants to do exploits. Citing. James 4:2 and Jeremiah 33:3, he said that are evidences in the scriptures to show that when believers pray, they get results. “If we truly believe in God, we have access to Him in prayers and that is our gateway to success. No circumstance should defeat the Christian,” he stated.
He therefore urged the congregation from Hebrews 4:16 about the assurance of seeking and finding irrespective of the challenge. In his words, “God has promised to always listen, so do not lose up or give up. Be persistent in the place of prayers, be cool, calm and collected as God is hurrying your success to the forefront. And according to Philippians 4:6, thanksgiving in prayers shows you already believe.”

Pastor Kunle Areogun @ Sunday Second Service
The mother’s day celebration continued at The Fountain of Life Church May 8 Sunday Second service. Pastor Kunle Areogun, while giving the message at the second service noted the importance of women and mothers in the society.
Using Jesus’ mother, Mary, as an example, Pastor Areogun noted that in a world where entrusting children to others remain debatable, Mary excelled in her role as Jesus’ mother. He further conveyed that Mary’s challenges which included societal disbelieve in her and the consideration of divorce by her betrothed never deterred her from passing the test of trust with God.
Reading from Luke 1: 26-38 and Hebrew 13: 17, Pastor Areogun stated that there is a Mary in every man and a full Mary in every woman. By this, he expounded on the roles, character traits and the legacy Mary left behind that can be visible in the life of every believer.
According to the clergy, intimacy with God, purity, virtue and honour; faith in God, strong tenacity, boldness, integrity and godly character are some of the traits found in Mary which every believer should emulate. The clergy further revealed that whenever believers ask God for a promotion, a threshold of trust is always attached to it. “For God to commit into your hands, He looks for trustworthiness and not your ability,” he added.
Pastor Areogun, while concluding his message, urged the congregation to imbibe in them the acts of praying, listening to God’s words and instruction and obeying them as well as having an unwavering faith in His promise. These, according to him, are the qualities found in Mary.
He said, “As Christians, we must learn to pray, listen to and obey God’s instructions in order to succeed in life. We must have the faith to conceive and bring forth God’s revelation in our lives and no matter what is ahead of us, it is HimPossible- It is possible in Him (Christ).”
Other scriptural references include: John 2:3-5, Luke 1:38 and Luke 1:31
The full messages are available on the Church’s Youtube channel, The Fountain TV) and TOM TV (Taiwo Odukoya Ministry). They are also available on CDs and DVDs at The Fountain of Life Church Digital Media Store.


Brother Yinka Ogundairo @ Thursday Showers
From the opening prayer taken by Pastor Dapo Williams, the powerful praise and worship session handled by the choir, Grace Levites as well as awesome testimonies shared by sis Opeyemi Shanu on recovery of her lost phone; daughter’s safety from car accident shared by Mrs. Remi Babadiya; and 35th birthday celebration and protection over son by sis Grace Lawrence; the May 5 Thursday showers was a proof of God’s great grace in the lives of Showerians.
While giving the words of exhortation, Brother Yinka Ogundairo explained to the worshippers that the very essence of a Christian is to worship God, not only in their substances but also with their lifestyle. He stated this while noting that it is not difficult to pick the heart of God when one dwells in His presence.
He said, “The sacrifice that is pleasing to God is not just your offering but the sacrifice of life itself. If you are used to continuously seeking God’s heart and not just His hands, you will know where His heartbeat is for everybody.”
Speaking from Psalm 26:1-3, Matthew 27:45-46 and Matthew 3:13-17, Revelations 21:1-4, Luke 23:46 and Matthew 17:1-8, the Architect told the congregation that they need to always keep their eyes on the love of God irrespective of their encounters while navigating through life. This, according to him, is because God is a faithful God and will not allow their sacrifices go unrewarded.
He concluded in his message by encouraging his listeners and believers generally to keep their focus on God’s love and let it dictate everything they do. “There’s no greater joy in one’s life than partnering with God because it transcends the physical feelings and has nothing to do with environmental changes. The blessing of God without the God of the blessing is a disaster waiting to happen,” he urged.