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Pastor Nomthi @Sunday Service
It was a joyful Sunday service on May 14, which had been set aside for the celebration of mothers and women generally.
In her message, Pastor Nomthi urged believers to be fully awake to the leading of the Spirit of God so as not to be caught unawares by the negative distractions going on in the world. According to her, there are so many things that will attempt to steal the control of their happiness and attitude which could put them to sleep in fulfilling destiny, if allowed. “You need the enabling grace to be steadfast and immovable in your character and faith in the face of different challenges,” she said.
Speaking from Luke 9:28-34, she noted that putting confidence in man could be a distraction and this, according to her, could lead to frustration. She then urged every child of God to follow in the steps of Jesus Christ, their Mentor, by staying true to their purpose and allowing the light of God to modify them from being small-minded to being confident and walking in purpose with other champions.
In her words, “The sleeping attitude of people around you might attempt to distract you, even force you to focus on keeping them awake; don’t let it! The focus on your own vision has the power to wake up all who are sleeping around you.”
She encouraged all to allow the light of God shine through the sleeping areas of their lives so as to get revived and in turn be the light that will wake up others. “When you are awake, then your light will be waking and transforming others from their sleep,” she said.

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Pastor Taiwo @ Thursday Showers
God desires and wants His children to prosper, so He will always give them the grace to do so. It will therefore be a mistake for such to attribute the power to get wealth to their own sense and ability. These were the words of Pastor Taiwo during the May 11 Thursday Showers service while encouraging the worshippers on the need to always acknowledge God as their source. “It is pride that will make you think that your strength and ability got you your wealth,” he said.
Speaking from 2 Corinthians 12:2-10, he said believers are able to know, through understanding and the help the Holy Spirit, that it is by God’s grace that they make wealth. He stated further that it is the same Spirit and mercy of God that keep believers from falling into the ditch of sin and sorrow, adding that thanksgiving should then be the attitude of the believer. “God’s grace is the reason the water of life has not drowned you. So it will be unwise not to give Him thanks for His grace and mercy,” he noted.
He urged all to always acknowledge God and appreciate Him for His grace and mercy because that is when His strength would continue to manifest, even in their weakness. “Stop envying others and avoid unnecessary competition and accusation; see God in everything and everyone because there lies the enabling power that brings about the miraculous,” he said.