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Speaking from Daniel 11:32 which is the promise for the week, Pastor Nomthi at the September 23 Sunday service said that oppositions can never stop believers who truly know their God. According to her, there will always be friction on the way of believers who desire to rise and shine as stars, but controlling such situations (by not venting) and handing them over to God, just as Jesus handled Judas in John 12:3-7, will make them to overcome. “There will be oppositions on the way but you have to remember who your God is and know that you are more than a conqueror,” she said.
She then urged them never to be afraid of the attacks from the devil but to hold on to God and fellowship constantly with Him. “It is normal to face oppositions but always remember that because you know your God, you will always do exploits,” she stated.

Pastor Nomthi told the worshippers at the September 20 Thursday Showers service that God is all-seeing, all-knowing and well-informed about the situation of His own and can use anything and anyone to bring their blessings to them, the same way He commanded the ravens to feed Prophet Elijah with bread and meat (1 Kings 17:1-6). “God knows exactly where you are and will send anything and anyone to bring your blessings. If He could send the ravens to feed Elijah, He will send your helpers your way,” she stated.
She noted that God’s blessings will always locate them when they are rightly positioned, just as Elijah was at the place God instructed him to be. According to her, disobedience, bitterness, and unforgiving spirit can remove one from the position of receiving God’s blessings. “You have to walk by God’s ordinances, believe His Word irrespective of what you are going through and obey Him for you to see the manifestation of His promises,” she said.
She therefore urged them to always trust God to meet their needs because He is their Father. “God is your Father, you are not an orphan. He is the bread of life; you shall never hunger if you believe in Him,” she stated.