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Pastor Taiwo @ Sunday Service
Pastor Taiwo said that fear is normal for every human but it should drive believers to God. This will always produce positive results. Speaking at the October 22 Sunday service, Pastor Taiwo said, “God is your Father by covenant, He is always looking for your best in life and He always has time for you and never too busy to neglect or forget you. So when you seek His face about a situation, you will conquer fear and go forward,” he said.
Speaking from Luke 9:61-62; Revelations 3:7-9; and 2 Chronicles 20:2-24, Pastor Taiwo said that when God’s children seek His face on any issue or challenge and follow His instructions, they would overcome fear as well as the battle and then move forward; just like it happened to King Jehoshaphat when he sought God’s face despite his fears when there was a great battle against him and his people. “The extent to which you know God’s promise for you is the extent you will apply the knowledge and the extent you apply is the extent you will witness the manifestation of the promise,” he said.
He therefore urged believers to always trust God and His word as well as be obedient to His instructions. These, according to him, work wonders. “Don’t get tired of God, always trust Him regardless of what you face in life. Don’t fear and don’t give up. Take your focus off your challenges and put it on God; fill your heart with songs of praise and thanks and watch Him step in and fight your battles,” he stated.Bottom of Form
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Pastor Taiwo @Thursday showers
Pastor Taiwo at the October 19 Thursday Showers said that when one gives his or her life to Christ, the devil goes out of his way to trouble them; but the Lord will always lift His banner against the enemy and give His own victory. “When you are sure God has your back, you don’t need to worry yourself because of the enemy’s attack,” he said.
Using the war between the Israelites and the Amalekites recorded in Exodus 17:8-16 as an illustration, Pastor said that every time God’s banner is lifted up, every battle is won just as Moses demonstrated this by lifting the Lord’s banner during the war and every time he did, the Israelites won. “There is something about lifting the banner; this is the reason men ought to always pray without ceasing,” he said.
Also speaking from Isaiah 59:19, he said that God’s banner comes by His Spirit and the same Spirit lives in believers now just as He was in the midst of the children of Israel then. According to pastor, meditating on God’s word, praying in the Holy Ghost and being bold are vital keys to activating the power of the Holy Spirit in you. “You have a covenant keeping God who is dangerous to your enemies. So be bold; you are a covenant child and God can never betray the covenant. The Spirit of God is in you and once the devil sees the banner, he is defeated,” he said.
Other scriptural references include, 1 Corinthians 1:3, Psalm 90:6, Jeremiah 1:19, John 14:16, and 2 Timothy 1:3-6.